"Like a fine artist, when sculpting and defining the face,  i ensure the countours of the face are beautifully smooth, and seamlessly blended. 
My knowledge of the facial anatomy and structure of the skin ensures that my work is not compromised when my clients move their face through facial expression. The overall result is a beautifully natural enhancement of each persons individual beauty."

Dr Ivona Igerc

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All signature treatments are done with Dr. Ivona unique approach which is named Sfumato. Dr Ivona believes that everyone carries the magic on his/ hers face and it is manifested in facial features and curves. In her concept, beauty is based on natural and organic look.



Ivona is the best!! Always does what's best for your face, not what's best for their pocketbook. One of the best injectors in town.



Always a fabulous experience with Ivona! Highly recommended.

| Cynthia |


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